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Dealer Booths and Spaces

Dealer Booths are $25 and are approx. 10' x 15' and include two antique market style wooden tables. Additional tables are available for $5 each.

There is no additional charge for access to electricity. Each booth has an electrical box directly in the booth or close nearby (no further tha 25' or 30' away). We require that you use a heavy-duty, grounded (three-pronged non-household) extension cable and gang boxes or strips (for additional outlets). Electrical service is shared with other booths and we ask that you be considerate in your useage and load.

We suggest you bring own table coverings and chairs. During the summer months, we also suggest that you bring your own fan.

Your fee includes parking for one vehicle and two adult admission passes per space. Children under 14 admitted free, but children must be accompanied by an adult at all time..

Dealers will be allowed to set up any time after 7 am. We ask that all dealers be set up before the gate opens to the public at 8 am and they stay, at a minimum, until 2 pm (if not until the event closes at 3 pm).

This event is under cover inside the Pavilion (kind of a big barn with no sides) and there are fans up in the rafters for warmer weather.

Dealers that are unable to park by their booths will have a parking area close (real close) to the pavilion.

When we moved to Renninger's it was due to the high volume of traffic that is driven through the gates of their two market facilities each and every month.

Add to that the fact that Mount Dora brings thousands of tourists through this area each and every month and you surely can see this events potential.

There is a food and beverage vendor on-site, but you will still be able to keep your own food and beverages in your parked vehicle and bring them in as needed.

Special Room Rates are available from two local hotels (based on availability) for our Dealers and anyone attending or event (if you would like to arrive the day before)

For more information about these special room rates, please email us using the link below.


"Big Al" Kalka (Event Producer) and the Lake County Musician's Swap Meet

For space reservations or for more information
please call
352.735.0025 or email us at