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Featured Manufacturers Past and Present
Lashbrook Guitars
March 2011
Casper Guitars
May 2011
Goldtone Instruments
December 2010
Strobel Guitars
November 2010
Stratage Guitars
October 2010
Brand O Guitars
August 2010
Ken Miller Guitars
July 2010
Anderberg Guitars
June 2010
Zero Impact Guitars
May 2010
Tungsten Amplification
April 2010
Woody Woodcasters Custom Exotic Wood Guitars & Basses
March 2010
Valvetrain Amplification
February 2010
Local Music Stores, Lutheries and Repair Centers (coning soon)
Wekiva Music
Guitar and Gear Links
Orlando Guitar Expo
Guitar Show Calendar
Welcome to the new home of
The Lake County Musician's Swap Meet
presented by LiveCFL